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Steph Curry's father is optimistic about his ankle injury

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It’s a little unclear when Stephen Curry will return to the Golden State Warriors. After spraining his ankle during Monday’s victory against the New Orleans Pelicans, Curry left the arena on crutches, and it was determined that he would be reevaluated in about two weeks.

That could mean that he’ll be back in two weeks. Or, it could mean that the team looks at the ankle again, determines he’s still a ways off, and pushes the timeline into January. Right now we simply don’t know.

But someone has some insight: Dell Curry. Steph’s father is part of the broadcast team for the Charlotte Hornets, so the two got to catch up with the Warriors in town for Wednesday’s victory.

And according to a Hornets beat reporter, the elder Curry is pretty optimistic about the injury situation, and noted a decrease in swelling.

There’s not too much to read into with this update, but still: it’s good news. Any sign that the ankle is reacting positively and healing quickly is a good thing. There’s no reason for Dell to sugarcoat anything, so hopefully this means that there’s progress on the injury front.

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