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Recovery Benefits

outpatient physical therapy ankle recovery hotcold motion compress

Whether you're resting between ankle or Achilles physical therapy exercises, lounging on the sofa watching television, sitting in a meeting wearing non-casual shoes, or jumping rope on one leg, you will never miss a chance for high quality ice and/or heat therapy using this ice/heat pack holder. It maintains its superior rehabilitation performance whether you're with or without shoes. 

When most think ankle injury, rest and ice are typically an integral part of recovery. In a busy lifestyle it’s tough to stay stationary as frequent or long enough to thoroughly ice and/or heat the area as prescribed. In many cases, you are limited to ice/heat treatments only when the opportunity arises to remain stationary.  Time spent waiting for "the right time" becomes a missed opportunity to actually rehabilitate the injury through administering ice and/or heat. Shortened ice/heat rehab sessions could also significantly lengthen your recovery time.

Active people who suffer ankle and/or Achilles tendon injuries need treatment options that offer versatility during rehabilitation because sitting for a prolonged period with a shoe off is not always convenient. This ice/heat pack holder solves this problem. This device is very unique in its ability to administer ice and or heat to the ankle without restricting motion.

Rehab your injury like a pro, anytime - anywhere!