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In the News - HotCold Motion Compress Back Story!

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After trying a number of different ankle sprain stirrups, wraps, sleeves, and boots to no avail with a sprained ankle, we developed a superior alternative for hot and cold therapy ankle sprains, strains, and Achilles injuries called the HotCold Motion Compress!  This product came to fruition based on the need to quickly heal an ankle sprain after experiencing an unforgiving fall on running on a trail, having no paid time off available at work, and a 7 month pregnant wife at home.  After realizing that none of the other ankle sprain injury devices on the market had all of the desired qualities of keeping the ice cold or heat steady on the area, being able to use real ice or any other hot or cold packs; allowed for mobility or the option to still wear shoes, this product was invented, tested, and successfully healed the sprain in a short amount of time while providing all of those great features!  It was worn everywhere, with and without shoes, while walking and doing the foot therapy exercises and never ceased to decrease in quality.  It's also great to keep with you in the event that you go for a run and only have a ice cold water bottle on you.  This can be used to cool the area until you get to a place to obtain ice or if necessary heat.  After this great success and treatment with the HotCold Motion Compress, we decided that we definitely want to share this with everyone out there experiencing the not so fun time of rehabbing an ankle or Achilles injury!

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