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BioWave Corp

BioWraps Pain Relief Electrode Replacement Pads with Velcro - for BioWraps

  • Hydrogel Velcro-backed electrodes go directly on your skin at the location of your pain to send therapeutic, high-frequency electrical signals into deep tissue and block pain
  • BioWave stops the transmission of pain at the nerve before it can travel up to the brain, providing on-demand pain relief
  • Non-surgical nerve stimulation device helps with chronic and acute back and/or knee pain
  • Electrode pads are reusable, measure 2 inches, and are compatible with BioWraps, for use in conjunction with the BioWaveGO
  • Velcro backing securely attaches to BioWrap and the blue prong connector to connect with BioWaveGO (units sold separately)

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