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Children's Cold and Cough Relief

Major Pharmaceuticals

Children's Dimaphen™ DM Children's Cold and Cough Relief

  • When your child needs cold and cough symptom relief while his body is struggling to rid itself of a cold, try Major's Dimaphen DM cold and cough syrup: It temporarily relieves cough caused by minor throat and bronchial irritation occurring with a cold, and nasal congestion due to the common cold
  • It temporarily restores freer breathing through the nose
  • Dimaphen is also useful for hay fever symptoms, e.g. runny nose; sneezing; itchy, watery eyes; and itching of the nose or throat
  • 10-mL dose contains 2 milligrams of brompheniramine maleate USP; 10 milligrams of dextromethorphan HBr USP; and 5 milligrams of phenylephrine HCl
  • Compare to active ingredients in Dimetapp® Cold and Cough – a registered trademark of Foundation Consumer Healthcare Brands
  • Bottle contains 4 ounces of grape-flavor cold and cough syrup

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