MBE, DBE, SBE Certified/ NAICS 339113
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*NEW - Featured Medical Device | HCM Ice/Heat Pack Holder for Ankle & Achilles

What majorly differentiates our patented orthopedic ice/heat pack holder from other ankle wraps, stirrups, sleeves, and boots is that it offers the freedom to thoroughly ice or heat the affected area as recommended with the flexibility and convenience of using actual ice (a homemade ice pack or packs) or any other hot or cold pack(s), the freedom of joint mobility when ready to begin movement or physical therapy exercises, along with the option to wear our device with or without shoes. 

In addition, whether you are using a homemade or commercial ice pack, or even a cold water bottle in an extreme scenario (ie.- if injured while hiking or running outdoors, playing a sport on a field, at work or school, etc.), it will secure a variety of cold or hot therapy solutions in place and contour it to the injured area more efficiently and effectively.  Overall it can be utilized during more real world scenarios than any other competitor.

 The ankle/Achilles ice pack holder is an essential rehabilitation tool for the purpose of applying cold or hot therapy to chronic ankle injuries (strains, sprains, swelling, or inflammation). One size fits most with adjustable strap fasteners.  It provides a superior bilateral ankle therapy experience through innovative function and design.

  • Innovative technology provides superior treatment of ankle sprains, strains, swelling, as well as Achilles tendon injuries.
  • Contours to body for improved therapeutic results
  • Lightweight, floating design offers increased mobility during rehabilitation
  • Versatile; can be used anywhere, anytime (with or without shoes)
  • Convenient & Flexible; allowing the use of real ice, or any hot or cold pack(s)
  • Promotes bloodflow and faster healing
  • Easy to assemble