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Hematology Test Kit

Globe Scientific

Sedi-Rate™ Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR) Autozero Westergren Hematology Test Kit

  • Shatter-proof plastic components
  • The polystyrene Sedi-Rate pipette is graduated from 0 to 180 millimeters and has a fibrous plug located at the zero mark
  • The plug is specifically designed to be a self-sealing aerosol barrier that stops hazardous substances from escaping through the top of the pipette
  • The polypropylene Sedi-Rate vial is distinguished by a patented self-sealing stopper that is easily pierced with a transfer pipette or piercing funnel
  • The vial is supplied pre-filled with 0.25 mL of 3.8% trisodium citrate diluent

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