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Drugs of Abuse Test Kit

Abbott Rapid Dx North America LLC

Multi-CLIN™ 11-Drug Panel Drugs of Abuse Test

  • Use Abbott's iScreen to test someone's urine to see if she has been taking amphetamines (speed), barbiturate (barbs), benzodiazepine (benzos), cocaine (including crack), ecstasy (MDMA or "molly"), marijuana (pot), methamphetamine (meth), opiates (OPI), oxycodone (OXY), propoxyphene (footballs) or tricyclic antidepressants (blue birds)
  • Test for all 11 drugs simultaneously
  • Solution for a wide range of individuals and industries to utilize, including parents, employers, criminal justice and corrections systems, treatment providers, law enforcement, occupational healthcare, schools, health and human services, sports organizations, medical organizations, clinical researchers and more
  • Results in 5 minutes

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