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Drugs of Abuse Test Kit

Abbott Rapid Dx North America LLC

iCassette® Dx 11-Drug Panel Drugs of Abuse Test

  • Test screens for the following: amphetamines (AMP), barbiturates (BAR), benzodiazepine (BZO), cocaine (COC), ecstasy (MDMA), marijuana (THC)) opiates (OPI 300), oxycodone (OXY), PCP (angel dust), propoxyphene (PPX) and tricyclic antidepressants (TCA)
  • iCassette uses a pipette device to engage the urine sample and drops it into wells located on the bottom of the iCassette drug screen test
  • A total of three drops should enter each well and 5 minutes should expire before results are recorded
  • Integrated Positive and Negative procedural controls
  • iCassette DX External Controls - iScreen Urine Drug Control Kit Alere # 88004
  • Result Form 2380P or McKesson # 536563

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