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Digital Thermometer / Hygrometer

Cole-Parmer Inst.

Traceable® Digital Thermometer / Hygrometer for use with Hoods, Storerooms, Clean Rooms, Incubators, Drying Chambers and Environmental Cabinets

  • Clock displays AM/PM or 24-hour military time to the exact minute with 0.01% accuracy
  • Noting changes is easy with triple display
  • Internal sensors make it ideal for use in hoods, storerooms, clean rooms, incubators, drying chambers, and environmental cabinets
  • Temperature range is between 32 and 122° F and between 0 and 50° C
  • Resolution is 0.1° and accuracy is ±1° C
  • Relative humidity range between 20% and 90%
  • Resolution is 1% relative humidity and accuracy is ±5% relative humidity mid-range, otherwise 8%

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