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Vystar Corp

Vystar RX-Air Purifier for Large Rooms, Filterless UV Purification

  • Destroys more than 99% of airborne bacteria and viruses using high-intensity UV light. FDA-cleared air purifier helps sanitize the air you and your family breathe
  • Sleep better with Vystar air purifier. Designed to improve your sleeping environment by cleaning the air up to 6 times per hour in an average-sized bedroom. Featuring 15 different fan speeds, the purifier runs quietly so it won't interrupt your sleep
  • Doctor-designed system helps clean the air by eliminating pathogens that can cause pneumonia, the flu, and other infections and illnesses. Great for those who suffer from respiratory conditions or have a weakened immune system
  • Great for pets! Eliminates potentially harmful bacteria that can hurt your pets while effectively reducing unwanted odors. Air purifier measures 13 in x 12 in x 36 in., and weighs 18 lbs
  • Filterless air purifier works non-stop to destroy indoor air pollution and allergens. Its powerful reach cleans the air up to 6 times per hour in an 800-square-foot room. Great for use in homes, schools, offices, healthcare facilities, restaurants, and more

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